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 now extends to the Data Center

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Cyber Security:
Can you secure what you don't know about?

Are you willing to take that risk!

Are you sure you trust the multiple tools you have to establish your true IT Asset Baseline?

If that was not an absolute, yes - then you need InControl...
What you "don't" know increases your risk and liabilities! How well do you sleep at night knowing that you have systems or devices connected to your network that you have no clue exists.
With decades of experience, InControl award winning solution uniquely delivers integrated network discovery, full hardware and software inventory and asset management into a centralized integrated solution. InControl's technology design goals were to provide you with an efficient solution to reducing your overall cost of operations and keeping your valuable asset data fresh.

The ability to provide a central view to all of your IT Assets from Workstations (Windows, Mac, Linux), Servers (UNIX, Linux, Windows), Network Switches and Routers, controllers, Virtual Machine Hosts and Guests to name a few from a multi-protocol and InControl's unique technology is a must in today's infrastructure and economy. Then link the pertinent data to people and locations.

Virtualization, Internal Cloud, Energy Management and the need for availability; never has the need to grow and manage the Data Center environment been so urgent and compelling. Information Technology and Facilities are going to be the shepherds of the new Data Center and as such will need to manage and plan through:
  • Complexity
  • Security
  • Consolidation
  • Documentation
  • Energy Consumption and Load
  • Financial Management

Knowledge is power - we empower you!
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  InControl named Gartner's Cool Vendor 2012 ITAM

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