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Internet of Things

Smart, effective and detailed information at the Device and Component level.

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Software Asset Management

Are you in an Audit?

Do you want to know about all of the software and databases you have?


InControl Technology Inc. will provide these and any other ongoing processes as a part of a comprehensive Managed Service Agreement in the event any customer would like InControl Managed Services to become an extension of your organization. Please feel free to request a proposal to manage your IT Asset Intelligence® or Data Center needs.
All services are provided by InControl Technology, Certified partners and associated staff. All Services engagements listed can be done independently or in any combination with any other service.

All services times are estimated and can depend on the overall size of the environment in the project. More exact times will be included in final proposal or in the SOW (Statement of Work) presented to the client:

  • The View – 30 day SOW
    • Inventory of all Hardware by category, location (desktop or data center), owner, brand, operating system and department
    • All Software by publisher, device, version and location - exception report of all licenses outside of the organizations approved vendor list
    • All VM’s and reports on where VM’s can be utilized
    • Current inventory of network devices and state of utilization
  • Security Plus – 30 day SOW
    • A comprehensive look at the list of all installed Anti-Virus
    • Complete review of all settings to understand the state of vulnerability on Windows devices
    • A reconciliation with your Intrusion Software and associated policies i.e. are all assets registered and being managed by your security systems
    • Installed software (rogue or approved) and the risk associated with the installations
    • Complete overview of the state of Windows patches, service patches and security updates
  • Software Compliance Audit 30~60 day SOW
    • Reconciliation and reports between the active environment and current entitlements
  • M&A Risk and Mitigation project 15~30 day SOW
    Agent-less Scan and report on the IT environment of any organization to be acquired or recently acquired. OSI layer 2 and 3 topology view. Reports include:
    • Comprehensive outline of data centers and level of utilization from inventory
    • Complete view of desktops and configurations (Software, Services, Configuration and Hardware)
    • Recommended technology refresh and cost over view (hardware and operating systems)
    • Optional software license reconciliation to entitlements
  • Energy Status Baseline
    Reports are based on an electronic inventory of the IT assets in your infrastructure and include:
    • Total energy requirements of the IT Assets you own
    • A complete breakdown of each systems energy requirements based on Brand and Model
    • Carbon emissions based on extensive libraries of data
    • Listing of all PDU's, battery back-ups and managed cooling devices
    • Recommended Best Practices for lowering energy costs and emissions
  • CMDB and Service Desk Loader 15~30 day SOW
    • IT Asset data is discovered, inventoried and integrated into your CMDB and/or your Service Management inventory based on a set of predefined attributes.
    • Detailed hardware, software, configuration and services from all IT devices
  • Data Center consolidation or audit Project 30~60 day SOW. Reports to include. (DCIM offering)
    • A complete discovery and inventory of a single or all Data Centers and the devices contained
    • Systems performance metrics by device
    • List of all Virtual Machines - host and guest with average load information
    • Custom reports as needed
  • Operating system technology upgrades or refresh project. 45 day SOW
    This project is for those organizations looking to move to the next level of Operating Systems (typical Vista or XP to Windows 7/10 or Server Upgrades). The reports generated will provide a reliable upgrade path to the next level. Reports include:
    • Systems that can be upgraded and their location and owner. Included in this report are the needed component upgrades for each device.
    • Those systems that cannot be upgraded the reasons and their location and owner
    • Installed data for capitalization information
  • Financial Health 30 day SOW
    • This project includes a reconciliation report to the Financial Fixed Asset system in place and the currently installed, in use, and inventoried IT Assets in the organization.
  • Pre-Physical Inventory Service – 15 Day SOW
    This service is specifically designed to prediscover and inventory your IT Asset environment previous to any Physical Inventory. Benefits include:
    • Shorten the time spent in specifically targeting the assets and their location to be physically scanned and counted by task team
    • Provide a database structure to enter all physical inventory information
    • Provide significant cost benefits and raise the accuracy of the physical inventory
    • Provide immediate reports on a more detailed level on information on each asset
    • Reduce the business interruption of any asset inventory
  • Data Center / Cloud Documentation – 30 day SOW (DCIM offering)
    Do you really know and understand everything you have the in the Data Center? Would you like to know about all of your hardware, configuration, software and services being delivered? Using world-class agent-less discovery and inventory you will have detailed information:
    • Complete hardware information for switches, routers, networked devices, Windows, UNIX, Linux, and embedded OS.
    • Configuration data to better understand if all devices meet your standardization policies.
    • All applications and software installed – stay within your license requirements and gauge your needs for internal cloud applications.
    • List of all services being delivered by your systems to your enterprise clients.
    • Share the data with your DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) and ITSM (I.T. Service Management) solutions with detailed trusted data.

Our pedigrees are steeped in the disciplines of infrastructure management. In fact, we were part of a team that developed the definition of Infrastructure Management. Our team's experience is the best in the industry in providing successful real world projects and developing methodologies that bring results, not the promise.

Don't do it yourself, ensure your projects success with the solutions and the team from InControl Technology Inc.